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So You Want to be a Game Programmer? :: Computer Science

So You Want to be a Game Programmer? All in all, you're keen on turning into a PC game software engineer? Congrats! Game writing computer programs is one of the most troublesome, testing, and cool types of programming. On the off chance that you have a certifiable ability for it, you have incredible profession possibilities. Envision getting paid a section level pay of $40,000 for something you really appreciate doing. At the point when you were a child did your folks disclose to you that you'll never sum to anything in the event that you burn through your time on PC games? All things considered, here's your opportunity to give them that you were correct and they were wrong. There is right now just a single method of finding a new line of work as a games developer, and that is to compose a game - or all the more appropriately, compose what is referred to in the business as a game demo. Nowadays, a commonplace business game may take 100,000 lines of C++ code composed by a group of 3 developers over a time of year and a half with a spending plan of a million dollars. As a beginner game software engineer, you are clearly not going to have the option to contend in that field. Be that as it may, you can and ought to compose a completely useful round of around 10,000 lines of C++ code that shows off what you do best. Game organizations are less inspired by your resume than in what you have done. So compose a game, copy it on a CD, and send it to the game organizations that you might want to work for. In the event that they like it, you may strike it fortunate. So where are you going to get the information to compose your game demo? One path is to get an advanced education in Computer Science. Do you need to have an advanced education to find a new line of work programming games? Not really, yet, things are changing as the business develops. You can find a new line of work by programming a drop-dead game demo, however numerous organizations are searching for representatives who have created incredible games and have professional educations. This bodes well since school is where you can get the foundation information that you should be a serious game software engineer. In the event that you are lucky, it can likewise be a spot to meet imaginative individuals who can join and bolster you in your mission. Picking a College A degree in Computer Science will help you on your approach to turning into a game developer, yet you should pick your school cautiously. Go visit the Computer Science Department. You need one that is vivacious, dynamic, energizing, and gives complete instruction. Search for a office with in any event 15 full-time residency track workforce, and

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In school suspensions, out of school suspensions and expulsions Essay

Removals and suspensions allude to the disciplinary approvals and agreements that are forced and rendered to understudies who have submitted conduct unfortunate behavior while at school. Ejection alludes to the changeless expulsion of an understudy from the tutoring framework. Ejection comes following the commission of specific offenses that are regarded phenomenally genuine. On account of such an ejection, the law gives that such an understudy may not be ingested inside some other tutoring framework (Skiba, Eaton, Sotoo, 2004). As indicated by the government instruction law on District schools, a removed understudy is never permitted to be furrowed back to any school. Schools are hence expected to hold fast to exacting rules and guidelines for understudies that are under removal. Suspension then again while in or even out of school alludes to an incomplete and brief separation of an understudy from the ordinary calendar of the school. This may either be for approximately three days, exactly ten days or a period that could be longer than this. An uncertain suspension by a school rule requests that an understudy is rendered with all the set down assurances as he/she was under ejection. The government law gives that crippled understudies be given an alternate treatment which gives them a more prominent limit of assurance towards their control while at school. Thusly, the area should assess whether understudies under removal could be dependent upon uncommon needs so as to give them the most ideal condition of equity while under this administrative punishment (http://thought. gseis. cla. edu/distributions/suspension/pictures/suspension. pdf). As per the government law, principals are given the order to remove understudies that may groups risky weapon(s), controlled medicine, liquor or unlawful medications and making any ambush to the school employee(s). Additionally, understudies might be ousted or suspended when under the conviction or charge of lawful offense. Ejection or suspension thusly requires a conference which for this situation might be either formal or casual. The casual hearing is what comes following the event of the offense. Casual hearing may just cure a suspension. In any case, a proper hearing is what happens before the removal of an understudy. A proper hearing requires a full warning of the understudy just as his/her watchman or a parent on issues, for example, the spot of the conference, reasons, time and area. Brief suspension may likewise go along in the occasion the chief has the accept that a specific understudy is of danger to the school workers, property or even to his/her kindred understudies (http://www. yh. com/HealthTopics/HealthTopicDetails. aspx? p=114&np=99&id=2239). The law additionally furnishes that the understudy be abstained from certain legitimate rights on issues of ejections and hearings. This may incorporate notification of the charges that ought to be composed. In this specific situation, the understudy is under the legitimate commitment of been given a clarification that is composed clarifying the specific parameters of the difficulty limiting him/her to ejection or suspension. The chief ought to likewise give a meeting notice that ought to be composed. This ought to incorporate date of this conference, spot and time. The understudy is likewise under the privilege of bringing a delegate, for example, a promoter or an attorney. He/she is additionally under the lawful right of bringing proof or observers as a beneficial to the case (http://www. clcm. organization/student_suspension. htm). Both removal and suspension are regarded acceptable models to restore a child’s conduct and acquire control the typical running of the school.

Activities to Increase Students Vocabulary

Exercises to Increase Students Vocabulary Is it true that you are searching for a couple of fun thoughts that will help increment your understudies composing, talking, tuning in and understanding jargon? Well here are 6 inspirational exercises to help extend their jargon. Fun With Literature At the point when understudies hear the name Junie B. Jones or Ameila Bedelia (the fundamental characters that are in well known book arrangement) you will most likely hear a thunder of cheers from your understudies. Junie B and Ameila are notable for the humorous shenanigans and circumstances that they get themselves into. These arrangement books are brilliant to use for expectation and to help enhance understudies jargon. You can have understudies foresee what they figure the fundamental character will get into straightaway. Another incredible assortment that is loaded up with perpetual language openings is the books by Ruth Heller. This writer offers an assortment of cadenced books about descriptive word, action words, and things that are incredible for youthful understudies. Jargon Builder A fun and amazing approach to increment and fabricate understudies jargon is to make a Breakthrough Box. Tell understudies that every day they will find or advancement another word and become familiar with its significance. Every week for schoolwork understudies must remove a word from a magazine, paper, grain box, ect. what's more, glue it to a file card. At that point at school, they put it into the Breakthrough Box. Toward the beginning of every day, the instructor haphazardly calls upon one understudy to pull out a card from the container and the understudies task is to find its significance. Every day another word and its importance is found. When understudies become familiar with the significance of the word, they can record it in their jargon book. Imaginative Terminology This imaginative jargon movement is ideal for morning seat work. Every morning keep in touch with one sentence on the board and underline single word that understudies may not have a clue about the significance of. For instance The elderly person was wearing a dim fedora. The understudies would need to make sense of that fedora implied cap. Challenge the understudies to peruse the sentence and attempt to make sense of the importance of the underlined word. Their undertaking is to compose the significance and draw a relating picture. Character Traits To help increment your understudies expressive jargon have every understudy make a character characteristics T outline for the present book they are perusing. One the left half of the T outline understudies would list the fundamental characters activities that are portrayed in the story. At that point on the correct side, the understudies would list different words that portray that equivalent activity. This should be possible as a class with your present read-out loud book, or autonomously with the understudies current book that they are perusing. Image of the Day Every day as a component of your morning schedule tape an image of anything you need to the front board. The understudies task is to take a gander at the image on the front barricade and accompany 3-5 words that portray that image. For instance, place an image of a dark fuzzy little cat on the front board, and understudies would utilize unmistakable words, for example, dim, hairy, and so on to depict it. When they get its hang, make the image and words harder. You can even urge understudies to acquire pictures or items to hang or clasp to the front board. Expression of the Day Challenge understudies (with assistance from their folks) to pick single word and gain proficiency with its importance. Their errand is to show the remainder of the class the word and significance. Send a not home urging understudies to remember and truly become familiar with their promise and significance so it will be simple for them to instruct it to their cohorts.

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ICT‐Enabled and Process‐Based Change An Integrative Roadmap

Question: Distinguish the fundamental factors that are strongly affecting the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technology)? Answer: The article by Margherita and Petti (2010) distinguishes the important elements that are strongly affecting the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). As indicated by the creators, the associations utilize the ICT for settling on successful choices and furthermore evaluate data. The creators utilize the writing to recognize the key issues in overhauling or embracing process in the association and furthermore the target of clarifying the systematization structure. Margherita and Petti likewise attempts to recognize the devices and strategies that can be utilized by the specialists and understudies. As per the assessment of Margherita and Petti, the change must be presented dependent fair and square of empowering influences, procedure, individuals and system. The fundamental rationale behind this composing is that the mix of different systems gives a particular guide which can be helpful for the association so as to help innovation, procedure and human elements of pro gress in the association (Banerjee, 2015). Through this exploration, the creators attempt to recognize the incorporated structure level that are essential for overhauling and receiving different ICT process and furthermore distinguish way that can be utilized to operationalize the part of appropriation of ICT in a solitary system for supporting change (Chrusciel and Field, 2006). The proposed system or the guide underpins that the appropriation of ICT and furthermore updating of the procedure is commonly influenced by different elements of various levels; individuals, empowering agents, procedure and methodology. The system effectively addresses the basic perspectives which examine the concentration and goals, process level or the association level and furthermore the empowering influences and model of progress (Hayes, 2008). The guide installs the meaning of activity and key arrangement, breaks down the disposition of the individual and furthermore status of the association, and recognizes the effect of assessment and furthermore the hierarchical and specially appointed innovative empowering influences. So as to recognize the issues, the creators have utilized the writing that the auxiliary information to distinguish the key issues for building up the methodology and the model that is introduced. The impediment of utilizing such research strategy is that numerous reports that have been utilized by the creators may not initially be planned to the motivation behind the examination (Jesson, Matheson and Lacey, 2011). These archives may incorporate just those occasions that the writers look is certain for composing. Further, the exploration just spotlights on the period of pre-usage of progress. This infers the thoughts that have been produced by the creators are not approved appropriately. The creators needed utilizing quantitative information in this way ailing in making a plausible report. Be that as it may, the creators could have beaten these restrictions by assessing the subjective information and furthermore the board sponsorship. This article is advantageous in understanding the outside powers that can ought to be received in the process before embracing or execute ICT. Further, it additionally assists with investigating the correspondence stream inside and outside the association and furthermore include an incentive by featuring the casual information stream. From this article, one can build up a precise structure for ordering and gathering the measurements of the procedure. References Banerjee, A. (2015). Data innovation empowered procedure re-building for flexibly chain leagility. IJITM, 14(1), p.60. Chrusciel, D. furthermore, Field, D. (2006). Achievement factors in managing critical change in an association. Business Process Mgmt Journal, 12(4), pp.503-516. Hayes, N. (2008). Organizing change in a high-innovation optronics organization: The job of data and correspondence advancements. Human Relations, 61(2), pp.243-269. Jesson, J., Matheson, L. what's more, Lacey, F. (2011). Doing your writing audit. Los Angeles, Calif. ; London: SAGE. Margherita, A. what's more, Petti, C. (2010). ICT enabled and processã‚⠐based change: an integrative guide. Business Process Mgmt Journal, 16(3), pp.473-491.

The Weimar Republic Essay Example For Students

The Weimar Republic Essay For what reason did the Weimar Republic neglect to face Nazism?: PASS NOTES. 2. 1929-1933: The DepressionNAZI STRENGTHS1. What were Hitlers Talents?2. How did the gathering change following the Beer Hall Putsch?3. How did the gathering change following the Depression?The 1930s were violent occasions in Germanys history. World War I had left the nation wrecked and, as though that werent enough, the individuals of Germany had been mortified and deprived of their pride and poise by the Allies. Germanys fantasy about getting probably the most grounded country on the planet no longer appeared to be a chance and this caused disdain among the German individuals. Unmistakably Germany required some kind of inspiration to get itself in a good place again and this came as an alluring man, Adolf Hitler. Hitler, a man who recognized what he needed and would successfully get it, without any help changed a fatigued Germany into a dangerous fundamentalist state. We will compose a custom article on The Weimar Republic explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now So as to comprehend why precisely Hitler had the option to make Germany a fundamentalist state, we should consider the impacts that the finish of World War I had on the nation. Germany was left crushed and powerless toward the finish of the war. The Treaty of Versailles had left the nation without a military and with a huge obligation that it just couldnt pay. Beside that, it had to pull back from its western domain where the vast majority of its coal and steel were found. This was a significant ramifications for Germany in light of the fact that without these assets, it had no mechanical development (steel and coal are the powers behind industry), which implied that there was no cash going into its economy. With no financial improvement there was no chance that Germany would have the option to escape obligation. The Allies didn't put forth any attempt to help Germany during this time and left Germany to battle for itself (they were by all accounts mindful this had been a mix-up by t he end World War II when they helped Japan out of its monetary emergency; this is a case of history impacting future activities). The embarrassment forced by the victors in the World War I, combined with the hardship of the stale economy, made harshness and outrage in Germany (Berlet 1). This is the explanation that, when the Allies attempted to build up another administration in Germany, the German individuals were not exactly anxious to grasp it. The French Revolution was a prime model that without a member culture, there is no solidness. In this manner, it is nothing unexpected that the Weimar Republic flopped so pitiably in Germany. At the point when it was presented in 1918, it had the capability of embellishment Germanys government into a cutting edge organization. It comprised of ordinary decisions (this would later be alluded to as the Reichstag), a relative agent appointive framework, and balanced governance. It was practically impeccable as an equation for making a cutting edge organization however it didn't make Germany stable using any and all means. Thus lies another exercise that numerous nations have taken in the most difficult way possible: a cutting edge organization doesn't, in itself, ensure that a nation will get steady. In Germanys case, there was no member culture and, thus, no trust in the legislature and no adequacy. Germans accepted that individuals inside their nation were plotting against them. They didn't confide in the legislature at all and due to this dubious demeanor looked for a substitute to fault for their affliction (the substitute, as we presently know, would end up being the Jew). Germany was gradually self-destructing and couldn't deal with another emergency. Shockingly, the Depression of 1929 was unavoidable. It was additionally lamentable that Keynsionism had not yet been considered for, in the event that it had, Germany probably won't have delved itself into a greater gap. In light of its ruined state and its powerless ness to pay its reparatory obligations, Germany started to deliver increasingly more cash until swelling was high to the point that its cash turned out to be practically useless (had Keynsionism been created Germany might not have gone into such an overwhelming misery). By 1933 the economy remained near the precarious edge of breakdown, with an economy which should, everything being equal, have since a long time ago announced itself bankrupt (Frei 163). Presently Germans felt that the purported vote based framework experienced brought them only difficulty and this prepared for Hitler and his Nationalist Socialist Party (which would later be alluded to as Hitlers Nazi gathering, a gathering that was based on ideological despotism) (Berlet 1). There is no denying that Hitler exploited Germanys insecurity. He showed up when Germany required somebody to give it an answer for its issues. The principal move he made was to guarantee the German individuals that they were not to blame for an y of their quandaries. As indicated by Hitler, there was an interior foe among them that had caused all of Germanys powers and was at fault. Hitler distinguished Germans as great and prevalent while he denoted the foe as shrewd and second rate. This served to by and by aggravate the Germans with the goal that their patriotism was presently at a most extreme and furthermore made them increasingly defenseless to Hitlers appealling character and his thoughts. Occasions were currently changing; Germans could now concentrate on an adversary they could really assault (they didnt trust the administration yet beside not taking an interest, there wasnt much else they believed they could do). When Hitler had enthralled the consideration of the German individuals by giving them a shared adversary, it was the ideal opportunity for him to place his arrangement energetically. With promulgation and guarantees of a more promising time to come, Hitler was designated Reich Chancellor in 1933. It must be noticed that Hitler won less as a result of his purposeful publicity, he was simply starting that period of his arrangement, but since the Germans were not keen on deciding in favor of whatever other ideological group that spoke to the administration they questioned. That is the reason they selected to decide in favor of the National Socialist German Workers Party, which would later be known as the Nazi party (Frei 2). When he was named, Hitler concentrated on strengthening the convictions that Germans previously had. A typical misguided judgment is that Hitlers promulgation suggests nothing less that the workmanship an influence, which serves just to change perspectives and thoughts (Welch 5). This isn't so. He didnt convince the Germans that patriotism was an answer or that vote based system was a trick. The Germans, because of the absence of adequacy and trust, had just shaped these thoughts. Hitler was just keen enough to see that there was an approach to utilize these plans to further his potential benefit. .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 , .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 .postImageUrl , .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 .focused content zone { min-stature: 80px; position: relative; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 , .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041:hover , .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041:visited , .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041:active { border:0!important; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 { show: square; change: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-progress: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; darkness: 1; progress: murkiness 250ms; webkit-progress: obscurity 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041:active , .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041:hover { mistiness: 1; progress: haziness 250ms; webkit-change: mistiness 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 .focused content zone { width: 100%; position: relative; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 .ctaText { outskirt base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: striking; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; content embellishment: underline; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; text style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041 .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; fringe: none; fringe span: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; text style weight: intense; line-tallness: 26px; moz-fringe sweep: 3px; content adjust: focus; content design: none; content shadow: none; width: 80px; min-stature: 80px; foundation: url( arrow.png)no-rehash; position: supreme; right: 0; top: 0; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!important; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b 3c5e79041 .focused content { show: table; tallness: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .ubc46eca34203ec880b8762b3c5e79041:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Our Town Essay SummarySo what was behind Hitlers extremist belief system? Hitler saw that the vote based Weimar, which stopped to exist after the Reichstat was copied down, had left the Germans in a condition of severe discontent and chose to utilize that to utilize this data to interest the German individuals. His ideological group contradicted every one of that was spoken to by majority rule government (this is, basically, everything that the French Revolutionaries maintained: freedom, uniformity, crew) (Berlet 1). Due to the issues the Germans had under popular government, Hitlers gathering, fundamentalist or not, was progressively gr eat. Hitler was additionally ready to set up an extremist state veiling the clouded side of one party rule: he professed to do everything for the sake of the German country (Berlet 1). Accordingly, when he chose to suspend fundamental social liberties he did so asserting that it was to benefit the country and when the Reich government was enabled the way of thinking was that it was done as such so as to restore security and orderto the states (Frei 37). In any event, when he set up inhumane imprisonments he did so wh

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Med School Blogger Interview with Heather

Get ready to read about Heather who will be starting med school in a few months. Heather blogs at Pretty Strong Medicine where she writes about prepping for med school, getting in shape, and her weekend shenanigans. Thank you Heather for sharing your story with us! Accepted: Lets start with some basics: Where are you from? Where and what did you study as an undergrad? Which med school do you attend and what year are you? Heather: I grew up in Cincinnati, OH all of my life until I moved to Bloomington, IN for college. I graduated for Indiana University in May 2012 (Go Hoosiers!) and then I moved back to Cincinnati for a gap year working as a nursing assistant and reapplying to medical school (CNA). I majored in Biology while picking up minors in Chemistry, Political Science, and Psychology. If I could go back I would’ve majored in a non-science field. I love the sciences but I was always interested in the humanities. I would have loved to major in History, Political Science, or Economics. I also wish I would have gotten Business certificate which is an area that many doctors aren’t too savvy about. I will be attending Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MU-COM) in Indianapolis, IN this fall as an incoming first year and a member of their inaugural class! I couldn’t be happier or more excited for this opportunity. Accepted: How many med schools did you apply to? Why did you choose your MU-COM? Heather: I am a reapplicant so my most recent experience was very different from my first time applying. The first time I applied was between my junior and senior year of college and I applied to about twelve schools and I sent secondaries back to eight. I applied to very poorly selected schools – many schools that were a long shot for me. I sat on the wait list or was rejected from all 12 schools. This year I applied to fourteen schools, most of which were osteopathic medical schools. When I applied to medical school the first time, I only had a vague idea of what osteopathic medicine was so I only applied to one DO school. After I did more research on osteopathic medicine, I realized the philosophy and training (including osteopathic manipulative medicine) was something that I felt strongly about and something wanted to learn more about. The most important factors for me when deciding on a school were location, curriculum, and rotation quality. I was accepted to two schools literally days apart in November, one of which was MU-COM. After much research and debating, I decided upon MU-COM and withdrew all my other applications. I knew I wanted to be somewhere in the Midwest, preferably in a big city. Indianapolis is the perfect mix of big city life with a hometown feel along with being a life sciences hub with premier hospital systems and opportunities for research. Since I’m only about two hours away from my hometown, I’ll have a great support network close by as well as many friends from college in the area. Looking down the road, I would love to do my residency and practice medicine in Indiana or elsewhere in the Midwest. MU-COM’s curriculum is something that really stuck out to me as it is systems-based instead of subject-based. In college I took a physiology class that was structured very much like a systems-based medical school class. I learned and retained more information from this style of learning than in any of my other classes so I knew this would be a great way for me to learn. I like that all the information is integrated and will be used repeatedly – this will make studying for boards much easier down the road. While I do not have first-hand accounts of what rotations will be like from other students, I do know that MU-COM has a great plan for rotations. They have already signed agreements with premier hospitals in Indiana and the community support is tremendous! Unlike many DO programs, the clinical sites are all in Indiana – so there’s no traveling across the country although away rotations are encouraged. Accepted: What are you most looking forward to at MU-COM? Least looking forward to? Heather: I am very excited to start at MU-COM and I am looking forward to a lot of aspects of school. I can’t wait to be in Indianapolis and to be a member of the inaugural class at Marian. There is the tremendous amount of excitement and support for the school from the community, local physicians, hospitals, and more. Indiana is in desperate need of another medical school (IU is the only other one) so there is a very welcoming atmosphere. Meeting my fellow classmates and attending my white coat ceremony will be the highlight of my year! The only negative is that attending a new school is a bit of a risk. There are no older medical students to share information with our class. Instead of receiving second year mentor, we receive a physician mentor at our white coat ceremony which may prove to be more valuable in the long run! We are the â€Å"guinea pigs† but you  wouldnt realize MU-COM is a first year school based on the strong community support, amazing faculty, and the innovative curriculum, among other things. Accepted: Did you go straight from college to med school? Do you think that is the ideal situation? Heather: I took a year off between college and medical school and I’m definitely glad I did! When I knew I needed to take a gap year, I focused on improving two areas of my application: my MCAT and my clinical experience. I ended up improving my MCAT from a 26Q to a 30T. I did more shadowing and I also decided to take a two week class to become a certified nursing assistant. While working as a nurse assistant, I was able to interact with a variety of patients on a daily basis. Every day I learned something new because I spent more time with each patient than anyone else on the healthcare team. Doing this type of work reinforced for me why I want to be a physician. I often felt helpless because I was very limited in what I was able to do for my patients. I know now more than ever that I want to be the head of the healthcare team. I want to make the final decisions with the patient and have the most control over helping the individual reach optimum health. Taking a year off wasn’t all positive. I’m a year behind my friends that went to medical school this year (hopefully I can learn from their experiences!) and I moved back home which was a hard adjustment. Overall taking a year off was the best decision for me and I highly recommend it if there are areas of your application that need work. Don’t waste your resources by applying before you are ready. Accepted: Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now? Heather: In 10 years I will be fresh out of residency and just starting my career. Creating balance in my life is really important to me. I want to be a successful physician but I also want to be a wife and a mother. Right now my interests lie in OB/Gyn and Emergency Medicine which are two very demanding specialties and not necessarily very family friendly. I hope to join a well-established, supportive group practice that will allow me to make time for family and well as be an excellent physician for my patients. I think if you are doing your very best to care for all aspects of your patients lives and creating balance in your own life, everything else will fall into place! As far as where I want to practice, I definitely want to stay somewhere in the Midwest. Working with underserved populations is very important to me as well as I am very interested in issues like poverty, rural medicine, and public health. I would love to work both in the city and in rural areas because these populations often have the same problems like access to affordable, quality healthcare which I think all people should have. Accepted: Can you tell us a little about your blog? What sort of topics do you write about? Heather: My blog is called Pretty Strong Medicine and I just started writing a little over a month ago so it’s still growing and evolving. I started my blog with the purpose of staying in touch with my family and friends while I’m away at medical school. I also wanted to have something to look back on down the road that documented my experiences in order to see how my views and preferences change over time. Since I do not start medical school until August, I’m also using my blog to document my journey of getting healthier in all aspects of my life. I share my weight loss goals, clean eating recipes, workouts, inspiration, and more with a wonderful community of bloggers. My blog is a great way to stay accountable to my goals and document my progress. The blog is a creative outlet for me to develop my writing skills which suffered a lot since the only writing I did in college was for lab reports and analytical papers. In addition to medical school and getting healthy, I sprinkle in random things from my life – my weekend shenanigans, traveling, my life goals, medical articles, etc. In the future I plan on doing some vlogging, DIY, product reviews, and medical school advice. Really, I’m just a normal twenty-something girl who is about to embark on a new adventure! Do you want to be featured in Accepted.coms blog, Accepted Admissions Blog? If you want to share your med school journey with the world (or at least with our readers), email us at ~ Helping You Write Your Best

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Why Omnichannel Marketing is the Key to Building Brand Identity

When it comes to reaching your customers, one channel simply doesn't cut it anymore. Consumers are researching brands through search, mobile, email, social media, in-store and a lot more, so it's necessary for you to build a marketing strategy that engages them across all platforms. Related: Visual branding for Christmas retail sales Not convinced? Here are more reasons to incorporate multiple channels, both online and off, in your marketing plan. 1. Repetition reinforces your brand message Imagine this: A consumer sees an ad for your product on Facebook. She clicks it to visit your site but doesn't make a purchase. She signs up for your emails while she's there and clicks to follow your brand on Instagram. In a few days, she gets an email inviting her to save 20% if she signs up for your text messages, so she does. Once she gets that offer via text, she makes her first purchase. As you can see, the path to a sale isn't always a straight line. If it had been, this person would have made a purchase at the first point of contact when she saw your ad. But, it took a few different messages on multiple channels to convince her to buy from you. Being where your customers are online means you drive your marketing message home. 2. Creative consistency is key You can't simply plaster your message across a dozen marketing channels; you also have to be consistent in what you communicate. That means your brand logo and tone of voice need to be the same everywhere so that consumers recognize your brand and can let that message seep in. There is one caveat: You don't want to give identical offers or promotions on all marketing channels—it dilutes their effectiveness. You need to give people a reason to sign up for your emails, subscribe to text messages and follow you on social media, so make each offer exclusive to that channel. 3. All channels should lead back to your website If you worry about confusing people with so many marketing channels, keep in mind your end goal: driving traffic back to your website so you can make a sale if you sell online. Your social media updates should include a link to the product that you're promoting. Your emails should contain one link and one call-to-action each so that customers know exactly what you want them to do. Online ads should link back to your site. The great thing about omnichannel marketing is that it's so easily tracked, both online and off. You can look at your website analytics to see which channels sent traffic to your site and step up your investment on those channels or pull back from ones that aren't getting results. Offline, you can measure redemption of text message offers or coupons you post on coupon sites by using unique offer codes that you track through your point-of-sale system. When you know what's driving traffic and sales, you can tweak your marketing plan to give even better results with channels and types of offers that are appealing to your customers. 4. It's great for new businesses Omnichannel marketing isn't just for well-established retail brands with giant marketing budgets. If you're a new business, spreading the love across marketing channels can establish a foothold for your brand identity. You may even get to know your customers better as you pay attention to how they respond to your messages on different marketing channels. Let's say you start using Instagram to market your product, which is geared toward baby boomers. You might quickly learn that not many boomers use Instagram, and branded content targeting this demographic on Facebook gets you much better engagement. 5. You can reach different customer segments You may market to different types of customers, who more than likely have different habits when it comes to interacting with brands online. The more channels you use to reach these disparate groups, the more successful you will be. You can reach Gen Z through mobile and Gen X through social media at the same time. You can help boomers find you with print or online ads. You can appeal to moms, teens and outdoor types... all through slightly different marketing strategies that don't exclude the others. The more granular you are in marketing directly to a slice of a customer segment, the more successful you will be, because they feel like you are speaking directly to them with your message. 6. You get instant results A few years ago, when print coupons were more popular, it would take you months to know whether a coupon campaign was successful or not. The same went for print advertising or TV spots. But now, digital marketing has revolutionized the way we launch, modify and analyze marketing campaigns. You can see the results of your efforts in real time. If, after a few days, your social media ad isn't moving the needle, you can easily modify the copy or the offer to see if you can improve results. Mobile coupons are great for instant analysis, too. Your mobile marketing dashboard will inform you how many redemptions a given offer has had. You can use that data to decide whether you want to offer something similar in the future or test out a different offer. The instantaneous benefit applies to connecting with customers in real time, too. If someone has a question about your brand, they can ask it on your Facebook page's Messenger. You (or your handy chatbot) can answer the question immediately, delighting the customer with your prompt response. 7. You can build loyalty One of the best ways to boost your business is by creating a loyalty program that encourages customers to shop with you more to earn points they can use on free products or get personalized discounts. Omnichannel marketing works well with loyalty programs: Shoppers can sign up in seconds at the point-of-sale using their mobile wallet, get offers via push notifications or email, and check their balance online or on their phones. Key takeaway Marketing has certainly changed over the years. The key is rolling with those changes and diversifying where you try to connect with your audience. With so many wonderful channels to do so, you can customize your approach to maximize results. Want to learn more about the power of consistent brand marketing? Download our free 32-page report, chock full of stats & great insights.